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True Love is like peeling a Watermelon. 4 juicy tips to check if you have found your's yet!

It’s often said that ‘It’s not about the looks, it’s what inside that matters’. But how does one look inside another person & fall in love? Believe it or not, but according to the #ScienceOfCool the answer lies in skinning a watermelon. 

A great person once made a song about love and mangoes, we urge you not to believe him. Yes, mangoes are tasty and look good but with time, it too withers away.


But is that the way to experience true love or is there more to it than meets the eye? You certainly don't want a flirt. You want someone who’s always there for you. Like Watermelons, as we found out while decoding this incredible video in our series on #ScienceOfCool.

Lesson #1: Always look for the perfect watermelon

Touch it, feel it, bargain a bit and get the perfect one. Don’t forget to tap it a few times before selecting it.

P.S. We are talking strictly about watermelons and not anything or anyone else. We strongly recommend not tapping a person. #NotAMetaphor. But in essence you should look for the right person and not the first one you see. Plus your family too will be surprised that you finally got a date.

Lesson #2: A hard surface may conceal inner beauty

Nothing says true love like showing off your knife skills. Caress that surface with TLC and go deeper with every slice. Until you can see it in true light. Inner beauty – It doesn’t come easy.

Lesson #3: Reach for the sweet spot

Had enough? No? You managed to get through all the crazy layers? Oh well, now you deserve a reward. How about you sip on cool watermelon smoothies along with the special one and enjoy the sweet spot you’re in?

Lesson #4: Now, fall for her

It’s show-off time! Call your friends over and show them this gem of a party trick. They will love it and be all super thrilled. Also if there’s someone special, they will fall for your creativity and you can fall for them. So simple.

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